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Friday random ten: Name that tune

Gonna try something a little different that week. Here are ten lyric snippets from my song library. Your job is to name the song and the artist – original or cover of your choice, I don’t care. Obviously, using the … Continue reading

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There’s no point trying to guess what Rick Perry is going to do

Rick Perry does not play by your puny rules. He is not constrained by logic, the greater good, or a sense of shame. If you’re an ambitious Republican politician hoping to move up the food chain, you have two choices: … Continue reading

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No uniform start times for HISD next fall

This surprised me. Houston ISD Superintendent Terry Grier on Thursday withdrew his proposal to change bus schedules and school hours next year after concerns about disruption to families and questions about the cost savings. This is the second consecutive year … Continue reading

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School finance lawsuit to start October 22

Mark your calendars. The school finance lawsuit will go to trial beginning Oct. 22, state district Judge John Dietz decided, and lawyers in the case agreed to a schedule for exchanging briefs. That agreement resulted in a status hearing being … Continue reading

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The Adickes museum

Cool. It’s been 70 years since David Adickes danced the jitterbug in the old Huntsville High School gym. Now, at age 85, he pauses at a flight of schoolhouse stairs, uncertain if his knees can stand the climb. Still, there’s … Continue reading

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