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Friday random ten: Good Friday, take 3

Time once again for a Good Friday random ten list. 1. Good – Better Than Ezra 2. Good After Time – team9 vs Stereogum 3. Good Enough – Sarah McLachlin 4. Good Feeling To Know – Richie Furay 5. A … Continue reading

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Interview with Phillip Andrews

Wrapping up this week’s worth of Congressional interviews we have Phillip Andrews, who is also running for CD07. Andrews is the President and CEO of Daugherty International, which supplies private security forces, and is also the manager of his wife’s … Continue reading

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Catching up on United versus Southwest

There have been a few news stories of interest since we first heard about the Southwest Airlines plan for international flights at Hobby Airport, which is being vigorously opposed by United, who wants to keep IAH as the only international … Continue reading

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Homeless feeding ordinance, such as it is, passes Council

Whatever. City Council outlawed feeding homeless people anywhere in Houston without permission of the property owner, voting 11-6 Wednesday after a month of protest that persisted even as the ordinance was vastly scaled back from its original form. […] Mayor … Continue reading

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The Texas bait and switch

You almost have to admire the sheer brazenness of it all. Almost. In a fiscal switcheroo, Texas could free up state dollars to fund the embattled Women’s Health Program by seeking federal block grants for other programs, the state’s health … Continue reading

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