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HISD will not raise the tax rate

Instead, they will dip into their reserves to balance their $1.5 billion budget for this year. The amount is about the same as last year, when the district reduced spending by approximately 5 percent to offset unprecedented state cuts. Instead … Continue reading

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Defacing Picasso

Some people, I swear. Officials at the Menil Collection don’t know why a man spray-painted Pablo Picasso’s “Woman in a Red Armchair” at the museum, but the act wasn’t caught just on surveillance cameras. It also was captured by a … Continue reading

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You say “Manchaca”, I say “Menchaca”

Let’s start a Facebook page to settle it once and for all. Austin’s long-held knack for mangling street pronunciations is so rich it could be its own game show category. As in: “This well-known University of Texas-area street’s name suggests … Continue reading

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