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Weekend link dump for May 2

Please don’t feed the bears.

“U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s reported $2 million book deal is drawing criticism from legal experts who say its size and timing create bad optics for a court that is already in the political crosshairs.”

A new malaria vaccine could save a lot of lives.

“David Brooks can be maddening, but he has a role to play in moving the needle of progress.”

“The issue is in part semantic: The term low-skill as we use it is often derogatory, a socially sanctioned slur Davos types casually lob at millions of American workers, disproportionately Black and Latino, immigrant, and low-income workers. Describing American workers as low-skill also vaults over the discrimination that creates these “low-skill” jobs and pushes certain workers to them. And it positions American workers as being the problem, rather than American labor standards, racism and sexism, and social and educational infrastructure. It is a cancerous little phrase, low-skill. As the pandemic ends and the economy reopens, we need to leave it behind.”

In which dogs are used to find turtles to help fight an emerging virus that affects turtles.

“There are basically four countries in the world that are at the head of the pack in terms of vaccinations – with one, Israel, far ahead of the other three. There are as many as a dozen others but they are either city states or tiny jurisdictions that it’s hard to draw much from in terms of statistics. Those four are Israel (Pfizer), the United States (Pfizer & Moderna), the UK (AstraZeneca) and Chile (SinoVAC). There’s a decent body of theoretical and empirical support for the proposition that the population-wide effects of COVID vaccination kick in when about 60% of the population has been vaccinated – at least with the Pfizer/Moderna vaccinations.”

“You don’t need to win every vote. You need to get a majority of votes. Similarly, we don’t need to get everyone vaccinated (thought that sure would be nice). We need to get to herd immunity.”

“To recap: A tabloid falsely linked a study to the Democratic president; Fox News regurgitated the lie; Fox News consumers swallowed the regurgitated lie like conspiratorial ipecac then urped it up all over the internet; America became a measurably dumber place to live.”

“Quentin Tarantino Had A Diabolical Method For Preventing NBC From Messing With His ‘ER’ Episode”.

“A Jan. 6 Commission is Crucial to Understand the Reality of the Attack, and the Alternate Reality of the Attackers”.

“I think the bottom line here is somewhat simple, though: Mask up in crowds. Otherwise—though some judgment calls might be involved—if you’re outdoors, it’s just not as necessary.” Here’s an opposing view to that.

“Russian singer finally voted off reality TV show he didn’t want to be on following three months of misery”. Honestly, that may be the most 2021 story we’ll ever see.

“Good news: Prancer has been adopted.”

I’d say that not listening to Joe Rogan is good advice in general.

RIP, Michael Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut.

RIP, Courtney Hall, Rice Owl and former NFL player.

Josh Duggar is in the position he is in because he was enabled and protected from consequences at every step by his revolting parents and their patriarchal, dehumanizing theology.” (More here, if you can stomach it.)

“Newsmax apologized on Friday for airing false allegations that an employee for Dominion Voting Systems manipulated machines or tallies on Election Day to the detriment of former President Donald Trump.”

RIP, Olympia Dukakis, Oscar-winning actor and cousin of former Massachusetts governor and 1988 U.S. presidential candidate Michael Dukakis.

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  1. Bill Daniels says:

    “U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s reported $2 million book deal….”

    Book ‘deals’ seem like the normal, accepted way to launder bribes and payoffs, and that’s been that way for a while. I assume that Amy’s deal is a payoff for screwing over Trump by voting to not even bother to hear his election lawsuits. I guarantee the book publisher won’t even break even on that $ 2M investment in a book that virtually no one will even want to read, much less, to buy. Would any reader here buy her book? I wouldn’t.

    Sorry, the POTUS has no standing to file with the SC, but illegal aliens? Yup, we’ll be glad to hear your case.

  2. Bill Daniels says:

    “Please don’t feed the bears.”

    Hey, Yogi! Grab a plate, and we’ve got cold brewskis in the cooler!

  3. SocraticGadfly says:

    Israel’s only at the head of the vaccination pack if one doesn’t count Palestinians inside pre-1967 boundaries let alone outside, where it’s a godawful abomination. Kuff, start reading Mondoweiss. Or here, start with Doctors without Borders

  4. Kibitzer Curiae says:

    Re: A certain judge’s $2 million book deal & No free lunch

    Meanwhile, the Texas Judicial Commission on Judicial Conduct has seen fit to sanction our very own Fredricka Phillips for ingesting a $15.00 salad at a law-firm sponsored luncheon after swearing in the firms’ five new attorneys who had recently passed the bar.

    “Phillips spent possibly fewer than 20 minutes at the lunch, where she ate “a $15 salad,” a lawyer for the firm told the Houston Chronicle.

    The law firm had a case pending in her court, a convoluted Hotze bros family biz dispute, and the losing side presumably filed the disciplinary complaint.

    They had also filed a motion to recuse Phillips, and the replacement judge re-reviewed the case and concluded that alteration of the final judgment was not warranted. So, to all appearances, the the salad “bribe” — ludicrous as it may seem — had no impact.

    The appeal is still pending in the Fourteenth COA under appellate case number 14-18-00995-CV; Hotze, et al. v. In Management, LLC, et al. It is a complex appeal with multiple legal/procedural issues. Harris County District Court Cause No. 2016-36300.