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Rock will return in February

Back when KLOL first switched formats, I thought that another station would eventually switch to a similar style to fill the void it left. According to this thread on the Houston Architecture Forum (which is a useful place to find all sorts of things about Our Fair City, btw), Power 97.5 is about two change to an “Adult Oriented Rock” format on February 15. How they will differ from the late, lamented KLOL is anyone’s guess at this point, but I’ll be prepared to give them a button on my car stereo.

There is some bad news, though: The new, as-yet-named station will feature Walton and Johnson in the morning. Which means I’ll not be tuning in until the afternoon.

(Look at the URL for that “News” link on the W&J page. Truly, anyone can be a blogger.)

Link via blogHOUSTON.

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