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We’ll tell you what you can do with your money

It’s bad enough that Congress has held hearings into the vitally important issue of steroids in baseball. Now they want to have a say in who does or does not get to own a piece of a baseball team. Does this really need to be politicized? If nobody cares about owners who make big contributions to Republicans, can we please not care about a potential owner who makes big contributions to the Democrats? Sheesh.

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  1. Charles, it occurs to me that the GOP should actually welcome Soros’ bid to buy the Nationals. Then he couldn’t use that money to support Democratic candidates! ;^)

  2. Kent says:

    They’re just jacking off. There’s no constitutional way for Congress to insert itself into this discussion. They can shout about it but there’s nothing they can actually do. But that’s probably the point.

  3. Charles M says:

    They’re just jacking off.

    Anti-trust exemption.
    Tax-payer funded replacement for RFK.
    Congressional control of DC budget which will affect how much support the Nats get from DC.

    Yeah, they’re just jacking (us) off.

  4. PDiddie says:

    Tom, I’m pretty sure George Soros will have a few shekels left over with which to torment the GOP.

    And thank goodness for that …