Construction begins at the old Ed Sacks Waste Paper site

I’ve been writing a lot about various demolitions going on around town lately, so here’s a change of pace for you. Almost two years ago, in January of 2006, the old Ed Sacks Waste Paper company at 440 Studemont, right next to the Memorial Heights development, was torn down. This week, after all those months of the place lying fallow, I spotted signs of construction activity:

That picture was taken on Tuesday. Since then, the weeds have been cleared and the ground has been leveled. I figure we’ll see a foundation get poured soon. I’m wondering if they’ll keep the brick fence and the gate, or if they’ll add a second entry point on Allen Parkway. I’m also wondering if a stoplight at the existing entrance to Memorial Heights is in our future now that there will be even more vehicles wanting to get on and off of Studemont there. Not that I want there to be one – Studemont/Montrose is stop-and-go enough as it is – but it won’t surprise me to eventually see one. Stay tuned.

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