Special session speculation

We all know that the Lege adjourned without finishing all its business. A lot of people are speculating there will need to be a special session to deal with it. At this time, Governor Perry is not one of those people.

Gov. Rick Perry said today he didn’t rule out calling a special session to address the fallout from last night’s legislative meltdown that put the future of five state agencies in jeopardy.


Perry stressed that the Texas Department of Transportation and four other agencies are in no danger of shutting down in the near future and promised he would find a way to keep them going unimpeded.

Sen. Steve Ogden and others last night said the resolution the House hastily passed yesterday afternoon was “hokey,” “preposterous” and “extreme.” Ogden also questioned whether the resolution was legal.

Perry said he worked with House leaders on the resolution and said lawyers had told him it would have worked.

House Speaker Joe Straus said this morning he did not believe a special session was necessary.

Sen. Glenn Hegar had said last night that Perry could address part of the problem by issuing executive orders. Perry made very clear that that was not true.

“Whoever dreamed that up might want to find something different to do in their life than give advice to senators,” Perry said.

Well, I don’t know what Perry has in mind, but I hope he’s right that it’ll all work out in the end without any need to reconvene. For what it’s worth, the AusChron was speculating the legislators would be back next month, while the Observer put its marker on next April, after the primaries. I say keep watching what Perry says – if there’s going to be a special, it likely won’t come as a surprise. He’ll give some indication beforehand. Elise and Trail Blazers have more.

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