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Endorsement watch: Republicans (very quietly) for Roy

The Saturday edition of the Chron the past couple of weeks has had a feature in the City & State section called Campaign Watch, which is a blog-like collection of short items relating to the 2009 elections. For some odd reason, none of this stuff is apparently available on the website. Anyway, one of the stories today is headlined “County Republican Party Makes Pick”, and says that even though they basically did nothing else for him in terms of financial help or voter outreach, the Harris County Republican Party officially announced its endorsement of Roy Morales for Mayor on Friday, after only a week of early voting.

Which is nice for Roy, I suppose – it’s not like he’s exactly overwhelmed with support – but you’d think the least they could do is mention it somewhere prominent. It’s not, for example, on the front page of the HCRP website, where you’d think at least a link to such a big announcement might be. It is there – if you go to HCRP 2009 Elections page and click the link on Roy’s name, you’ll see it. I nearly missed it the first time I went looking, but it is there. They haven’t used social media to spread the word, either – it’s not on their Facebook page, it’s not on the Harris County GOP Facebook group page, and it’s not on the HCRP Twitter feed. Oh, and if you take a close look at that last link, you’ll note that the whole “doing it in the Facebook with the Twittering” thing still needs a little work.

Now you may say, they just announced this yesterday, give them a little time to get their stuff together. Well, except that the story says that the actual endorsement was made at their Executive Committee meeting on Monday the 19th. Roy himself announced the endorsement on his webpage on Tuesday the 20th. The HCRP didn’t bother to announce it till Friday, and this is all they’ve done with it in the meantime. Boy, with friends like these, huh?

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  1. Baby Snooks says:

    The Harris County Republican had to endorse someone. Did anyone think they would endorse a Democrat?

    Just the same, the C Club, which carries more weight than the party itself, openly endorsed Gene Locke as did Beverly Kaufman.

    The Republican vote will probably be split between Gene Locke and Peter Brown. And Roy Morales will probably never run for office again.

  2. […] Roy Morales got from them; he’s the only one whom they endorsed, at least at that time. They may not have trumpeted it on the internets, but they did make their feelings known the old-fashioned way. Finally, there’s the […]