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Weingarten update

Swamplot keeps digging to find out more about what’s going on with the Alabama Theater. Basically, though Weingarten is being weaselly about it (I know, I’m shocked too), it seems clear they are planning to demolish the interior of the building.

It’s exceedingly unlikely that Weingarten is actively pursuing any strategies for the property other than the demolition plans it had drawn up.

What’s our evidence for saying that?

  • A local construction company currently has the drawings out to bid to subcontractors. The drawings are labeled “Issue for Permit and Bid.” A set of drawings issued for preliminary pricing only is likely to be labeled as such.
  • The same construction company does not appear to have any other projects out to bid for the same property.
  • Nowhere in the bid documents is there any reference to any alternative to demolition.
  • The bid documents do include “alternates.” But all of them refer to demolition.

Click over and see the evidence for yourself; there’s more here as well. And be sure to note comment #5 in the first post, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

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