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No Staples for the Alabama Theater

Some news from Swamplot, from a commenter there named Andrea:

“After writing to Staples PR this is their canned response: ‘While there has been speculation about Staples in connection with the historic Alabama Theater, we do not have a lease agreement at this location. Staples will continue to be a good neighbor that supports the communities where its customers and associates live and work as the company continues expanding in the Houston region. The rumors, however, have sparked a larger debate about the location. Therefore, we recommend that concerned citizens direct their letters and suggestions to Weingarten Realty as we are not involved in this development. Many thanks, Amy Shanler,
PR Director’”

So that would be one less obstacle in the way of the hoped-for outcome of an Alabama Drafthouse. (The Facebook group now has 3,420 members. Have you joined yet?) That makes this call to action from Sarah Gish somewhat out of date, but here is is anyway:

I am asking you to write Weingarten Realty Investors and Staples, Inc. to let them know that you care about the interior of the Alabama Theater. A brief note will do, but remember to be polite. Anger does not create long-term changes – it only incites short-term ones. Having “good manners” will give your letter a better chance of being read. And, in the end, I hope that both Staples and Weingarten will listen to us and will realize that we want to preserve the historic interior of the theater. Thank you for taking action if you can. You can write letters, send emails (feel free to forward this one), tell your friends, and spread the word.

Skip the Staples addresses she lists there, and you’re good to go.

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One Comment

  1. Sarah Gish says:

    Thanks, Kuff, for spreading the word! Weingarten definitely still needs to be contacted. The Alabama Theatre, the River Oaks Theatre, and their shopping centers are CITY-DESIGNATED LANDMARKS. They are also part of our shared cultural heritage and landscape so I encourage speaking up about our concerns for their future since we are connected to those sites in so many ways.