Staples confirms it is not looking at the Alabama Theater

Swamplot noted this last week when one of its readers sent an email to Staples, and now the company has written a letter to the Chron to confirm that they are not seeking to redevelop the Alabama Theater.

Staples was invited by the owner to consider leasing the Alabama Theatre location. We showed interest because the area has a dynamic community with numerous growing small businesses. As is customary, we looked at the property and provided the owner with our prototypical plans to review, in order to provide us with an idea how the property might be adapted for our use.


As for this location, we are pursuing other opportunities in the area at this time. Staples will continue to be a good neighbor as we expand in the Houston region. We support the communities in which we live and do business, and we always welcome feedback.

Amy Shanler, public relations director, Staples Inc., Framingham, Mass.

Good to know. Link, naturally, via Swamplot.

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  1. Michael says:

    Nice response too; they look great and make sure to dress their statement with enough goodwill. I like it!

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