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Friday random ten: Hope, faith, and belief

The Houston Texans defeated the Indianapolis Colts in their season opener this past Sunday. That was only their second win in 17 attempts against Payton Manning and company, and it’s got the local fans thinking that maybe, just maybe, This Could Be The Year in which the Texans finally make the playoffs. In honor of that, here are ten songs about hope, faith, and believing:

1. Believe Me – The Contrast
2. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Marnie Stern
3. I Believe In You – Frank Sinatra with Count Basie
4. I Cannot Believe It’s True – Phil Collins
5. Reason To Believe – Rod Stewart
6. There’s Hope For You – William Elliott Whitmore
7. Faith – Tufts Beelzebubs
8. Keeping The Faith – Billy Joel
9. Leap of Faith – Bruce Springsteen
10. Running On Faith – Eric Clapton

What do you have faith in this week?

Entire song report: Started with “Mercy Mercy Me”, by Marvin Gaye. Finished with “Money for Nothing”, by Big Daddy, which is almost but not quite exactly unlike the Dire Straits original. You like cover songs, especially ones done in a different style than the original? Go find yourself some Big Daddy. Anyway, that was song #3407, for 98 tunes this week.

Ripping vinyl report: Took the week off. Hopes to be back next week.

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    21 songs, but a bunch of them are specific to things or feelings (love, spring):

    Believe — Elton John
    Do You Believe In Magic? — The Lovin’ Spoonful
    I’m A Believer — Neil Diamond
    I Believe — Frank Sinatra
    I Believe In You — Linda Ronstadt (the Neil Young song)
    I Believe In You — Robert Morse (the Frank Loesser song from “How to Succeed in Business”)
    I Believe You — The Carpenters
    I Shall Believe — Sheryl Crow
    Reason To Believe — The Carpenters

    Bonus “Faith” songs:
    Keeping the Faith — Mary Chapin Carpenter
    Running on Faith — Eric Clapton

  2. Nick says:

    How about ‘Uprising’ by Muse …