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Paul 2008, Nader 2000?

Ron Paul says to his followers “Never give up, never surrender”.

Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning, Houston-area congressman who waged a feisty Republican primary campaign for president, is expected today to urge supporters to reject the two major party candidates and vote for any of the four minor party contenders on the November ballot.

“The two parties and their candidates have no real disagreements on foreign policy, monetary policy, privacy issues, or the welfare state,” Paul is expected to say at a news conference in Washington, according to an advance copy of his remarks obtained by the Houston Chronicle.

“They both are willing to abuse the Rule of Law and ignore constitutional restraint on executive powers. Neither major party champions free markets and private property ownership.”

Yeah, sure. I heard that song back in 2000, and it isn’t any better today. I’m sorry, but anyone who claims to be paying attention and can’t easily name at least three significant differences between a President Obama and a President McCain is being willfully ignorant. And I have nothing but contempt for that kind of thinking, even if it may work against the Republicans this year as it did with Nader against the Democrats in 2000.

Phillip thinks having Paul on the ballot in Montana will tip that state to Barack Obama. I think Nate is closer to the mark. From a crass political perspective, I think it’s better for the Dems than the GOP. But I don’t think it’s better for having an informed debate.

Finally, Barr/Paul ’08? Doesn’t seem too likely, but it would shake things up a bit. I’m thinking the Republicans would not like that scenario too much. What do you think?

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  1. Dan says:

    I wouldn’t vote for Bob Barr, he’s not a libertarian, he’s a far far far right-wing republican in libertarian clothing. I admire Ron Paul and agree with him to a point, but his anti-government stand flies in the face of reason. How can you talk about how bad the government is when we are the government? We have allowed these people to take over because we didn’t want to be active. I would prefer to have a candidate, like myself, who wants to see America become more focused on it real citizens and not its quasi-citizens (corporations). Out of the 3rd party candidates, I think Nader has done the most for America. For god’s sake he helped us get seat belts. Although Ron Paul’s “call to revolution” has helped stoke Americans… if anyone listened.

    Also love the site keep up the good work.

  2. Nader Paul McKinney says:

    Ron and Ralph Fool’s Overture. History recalls how great the fall can be, while everybody’s sleeping the boats put out to sea. Borne on the wings of time, it seemed the answers were so easy to find. “Too late” the prophets cry, the island’s sinking let’s take to the sky. Called the man a fool, stripped him of his pride, everyone was laughing up until the day he died. And though the wound went deep, still he’s calling us out of our sleep.

    Apocalypse Now