Stardig v Brown II?

It’s not too early to start stocking up on popcorn.

Brenda Stardig

A rematch between District A Councilwoman Helena Brown and former Councilwoman Brenda Stardig next year is looking increasingly likely.

Stardig attended Wednesday’s Council meeting, so I asked her about her plans. She said, “It’s highly possible” that she’ll try to win the seat back next year.


Stardig stopped short of a declaration that she’s in, saying, “I just want to make sure it’s the right thing for the district.”


The knock on Stardig among insiders was that she did not campaign hard enough. In fact, she left nearly $37,000 in campaign money unspent, which could now serve as the seed money for a comeback.

In fact, her 30 Day report for the November election showed she had spent no money and had basically run no campaign up till that point. By the time she realized she was in a race, it was almost too late for the money she had to do her much good. One presumes she has learned from this. On the flip side, Brown’s January 2012 report shows a balance of $1467. Nobody who wasn’t already a supporter hopped on her late train, as far as I could tell.

Two things: One, redistricting did Stardig no favors. District A is more Republican now, and if this rematch boils down to another Republican primary as the runoff did, Stardig is going to need to rebrand herself at least somewhat. It’s far from clear that being closely associated with Mayor Parker will be an asset. On the other hand, even these voters may prefer to be represented by someone who can get stuff done. Can Brown win as a known quantity with an actual record to defend? How will she do with fundraising? Will the usual establishment players support her as they do nearly all incumbents, or will they prefer to go back to Stardig? Will anyone else jump in? This is already shaping up to be the most interesting race of 2013. Assuming it happens, of course.

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One Response to Stardig v Brown II?

  1. Zeph Capo says:

    This is the best example of hyper partisanship getting in the way of good government. I am a Democrat through and through. I supported Lane all the way when he ran in the old District A.

    I quickly came around to notice that Brenda Stardig was an effective voice for the district. We didn’t always agree, but we did see eye to eye on neighborhood safety, capital improvements and job growth. We learned to focus on what we had in common.

    I am saddened for our city that we lost Brenda in A because we surely can see what absolute gridlock and disdain for one another can do at the city level. I thank God for being redistricted into district C where we have a level head at the helm watching over our neighborhoods. So sorry for my friends further West. They will suffer because of the tyranny created by the few angry people that decided the last election.

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