Weekend link dump for May 4

On Clyde Bruckman, one of the early pioneers of movie comedy.

Animals Sitting On Capybaras. As Fred said, you didn’t know you wanted to see this until someone made it, and now you will realize the world needed it.

“An international research team, including a George Washington University (GW) professor, has discovered and named the earliest and most primitive pterodactyloid — a group of flying reptiles that would go on to become the largest known flying creatures to have ever existed — and established they flew above Earth some 163 million years ago, longer than previously known.”

“On any given day, tourists pay nearly $100 per person to get into Orlando’s theme parks. There, they may be waited on by homeless parents. From their hotels, they jog past bus stops where homeless children wait to head to school. They buy coffee at Starbucks next to the motels that have become families’ homes.”

“So it should be no surprise that Donald Sterling likes to throw money around to nonprofit charities. What’s troubling is why an organization like the NAACP, dedicated to eliminating racial injustice, should help Sterling whitewash his reputation.”

Still using Windows XP? Those security holes aren’t going to fix themselves, you know.

There’s a tri-corner hatted sucker born every minute.

“For me, this isn’t about politics. I’m trying to help other people who are like me, stubborn and bullheaded, who refused to even look. From my own experience, the ACA is everything it’s supposed to be and, in fact, better than it’s made out to be.”

RIP, William Blair Jr, former Negro Leagues pitcher and newspaperman.

“In terms of sheer deadliness, nothing can hold a candle to mosquitoes”.

“A Chinese company harnessed 3D-printing technology to build 10 one-story houses in a day — a cheaper, faster and safer alternative to more traditional construction.”

Yeah, I’ll probably watch Grease Live when it happens. I’m not too proud to admit it.

RIP, Dr. Isaac Greggs, legendary Southern University “Human Jukebox” band director.

“In the Roberts Court, there are no Bundys and Sterlings; the real targets of the conservative majority are those who’ve spent their lives fighting the Bundys and Sterlings of the world.”

Maybe I’m the crazy one, but I think the only ingredient in beef should be, you know, beef.

RIP, Bob Hoskins, a truly wonderful character actor.

“It’s true that we’re using a bit less gasoline than in the past. But that’s not why the Highway Trust Fund is in dire shape. It’s in dire shape because the federal gas tax has been cut nearly in half since it was last changed two decades ago. In 1993 dollars, it’s now about 11 cents per gallon. If it had just kept up with inflation, highway funding would be in fine shape.”

RIP, Al Feldstein, longtime editor of MAD Magazine.

Sharknado 3 has been greenlighted, three months before Sharknado 2 premiers.

“Major restaurant chains have come under increasing criticism for paying workers so little that they need to rely on public assistance. What’s less well known is that taxpayers are also subsidizing these corporations’ executive compensation.”

“To a gambler, this list is the sweet nectar, and probably feels like it should be brought down from a mountain somewhere (probably near Las Vegas) on stone tablets by a man with a long beard. (The skies opening up and the sun beaming down would be a nice touch, as well. Also, a choir wailing in the background.) I mean, if you’re wondering who the favorite coaches are for degenerates, this is the list.”

A time capsule discussion of the preferred #1 draft pick in this year’s NFL draft. Come back in three years and see who was a genius and who was a fool.

Wait, Newt Gingrich wants to socialize the Clippers? Nothing makes sense any more.

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  1. Ross says:

    Kuff, your salary is subsidized by taxpayers, so is mine. You can’t make a rational argument that compensation paid to employees should not be deductible for corporations as a legitimate business expense, especially when it’s taxable to the recipient. Why should the government get to take two bites at the same money?

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