What campaign signs?

Denise Pratt says she knows nothing about all those campaign signs advocating her re-election that she says she isn’t running for.

Denise Pratt

Campaign signs urging voters to “Re-elect Denise Pratt” have popped up outside at least three early voting locations this week, more than two months after the family court judge announced her immediate resignation and the suspension of her re-election campaign – later revealed to be part of a deal with the Harris County District Attorney to avoid indictment.

“It’s very puzzling,” said local Republican activist Joseph McReynolds, who was handing out mailers for the Spring Branch Republicans outside the Metropolitan Multi-Services Center on West Gray, where there were 18 Pratt campaign signs on Thursday, including a row of nine along the street leading up to the driveway. Pratt signs also were found at early voting locations in Kingwood and George Bush Park in west Houston.

In early April, two days after she resigned, Pratt sparked rumors that she still was campaigning when she sent a text message to supporters asking them to urge an influential endorser to hold off on switching his support to her challenger in the May 27 Republican primary runoff.

The Baytown native denied the rumors, posting a statement on her campaign website that said she had, “in fact,” suspended her re-election efforts. The statement still was there on Thursday.

Asked about the signs, Pratt’s lawyer, Terry Yates, said via email “We have no knowledge of that.”

Clearly, this is the work of some overzealous volunteers. What other possible explanation could there be? OK, OK, Texpatriate mentions rumors of some third party troublemaker planting the signs, and I have to admit that this election is more suitable than most for that kind of shenanigan. It’s a possibility that deserves at least a bit more consideration than snarky dismissal. That said, there’s no particular reason to trust anything the Pratt campaign has to say. So we’ll see what happens.

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2 Responses to What campaign signs?

  1. PDiddie says:

    Has anyone asked Burt Levine?

  2. Teresa Payne says:

    I have had experience with Judge Pratt and her opponent, Alicia Franklin. Judge Pratt seemed level headed and fair. Alicia Franklin appeared wired and hell bent on convincing rather than listening. I worry that Ms. Franklin, who is not married and has no children, is biased in her decision making. I’ve seen her in action, and I don’t believe she belongs in the family court system. She displays all the symptoms of someone who has experienced abuse in her life and is blinded by the pursuit of revenge. Just an opinion.

    The continued bad press on Judge Pratt should raise suspicions. Ms. Franklin has much to gain now that she is running against an empty seat.

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