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Friday random ten guest post: Blockwalking

Note: The following is a guest post from Phil Owens, political consultant and fellow Rice Owl. He suggested the idea and I said sure. I’ve asked people for guest posts before, and I’ve had a few people pitch them to me, but this mix of music and politics is a first. I hope you enjoy it, and who knows? Maybe I’ll ask some other political folks for their musical inspirations as well.

Songs for Block walking, one Republican’s Ipod faves.

Every candidate, campaign manager and activist knows just how important it is to go door to door and meet the voters where they are. If you make contact you have a good chance of getting a vote or two. If they like you enough to take a yard sign that vote/yard sign can become a dozen or more votes depending on location. I’m giddy at the though of prime real estate, (that house at the corner of a busy intersection) but the walks are long and Houston can be hot. The distance between doors belonging to at home registered voters is only exceeded only by the distance between the start and the finish of the campaign marathon. It’s a long, long strange journey.

While losing soles of your shoes it helps to hold onto the soul.

1. Bob Schneider – Mudhouse

The 13th track off of the unofficial Mayor of Austin’s music scene’s 4th album The Californian. This rock rap hybrid is full of funk and fun and gives me the jumpstart to get off my butt and start walking the streets. I love to try and sing along and get all KRUNKED.

Jason Mraz does a popish cover in his live show. But I only listen to BOB’s version is THE best version.

2. Black Crowes – Hard to Handle

I know Otis Redding right?  But the Crowes pack a little more rock into their cover and early on in the day I still want to be fired up and awake. But I do love Otis.

3. Beastie Boys – Sabotage

I’m still trying to stay awake here and this hard hitting loud offering from these Punk/Rap pioneers will do just that. Plus it’s the Beasties and they told me I had to fight for the right to party. And politics is all about protecting the right to party. As long as it’s the right one. Right ?

4.Rolling Stones – Can’t You Hear Me Knocking?

I’m a BIG Stones fan and this might be my favorite Stones song ever. And it’s perfect for block walking and knocking on doors. because seriously I’ve been standing on your doorstep for what seems like hours an I can see you moving around in your house, so just open the door, have a friendly chat, take my push card and we can both get on with our lives.

Plus that opening riff is AWESOME!!!!

5. Lake Street Drive – You Go Down Smooth

How have you not heard of this band from Boston Mass? ( and they’re in Houston Oct 17th) “You Go Down Smooth” is a frolicking romp, a tight poppy jazz tune that makes you want to dance and knock on more doors, but mostly dance.

And that chick can sing.

6. Red Hot Chili Peppers – True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes

If you’re asking yourself how did we get here? From jazz/rock to funk/rock? From the east coast to the west? Well it’s because I like this song. One of RHCP earliest and I like the song. Has a raw eagerness of a new band starting to do something of their very own. Very 80’s LA song before others started trying to mimic the sound.

7. ZZ Top – Just Got Paid

No, I did not forget where I’m from. The trips out East and West were merely brief forays to the edges of America. I’ve looked upon the abyss of Democratic mismanagement of large cities (Chicago/Detroit NY and LA) and I came running home to Texas. Where even the Democrats are fiscal conservatives.

And no band says Texas better than Houston’s own ZZ Top. I choose this song because it’s one of the best Texas Blues songs ZZ ever recorded.

8. Edwin Hawkins Singers – Oh Happy Day

Because daddy was a preacher, I grew up in the Church and I love this song. And because at this point in the walk I’m looking for some salvation. Praise Jesus.

9. Isobel Campbell, Mark Lanegan – Come Undone

At this point I probably have come undone. It’s hot, a dog bit me, an elderly voter talked to me for over an hour and can’t remember the name of the candidate even though I’ve placed a sign in their own front yard with permission and they want an extra yard sign for a neighbor. But that really has nothing to do with this great duet. A great matching of voices. This is a song made for lovemaking and I’m all about the love.

10. Easy – Commodores /Faith no More

It’s the end of a long day, I’m looking forward to putting my feet up and holding a cold beer to my forehead, and sleeping in on Sunday.

Whether it be the original by the Commodores or the cover by Faith no More I can chill and feel as if someone gets my pain.

Bonus Tracks

11. Bob Schneider – Capn Kirk

I told you I liked Bob Schneider and now that Sunday is here and I just want to have some fun and this song captures EXACTLY how I feel.

I just wanna feel good
I don’t wanna hurt nobody
I just wanna get a good time
Out of my life

12. Luv ya Blue -Houston Oiler Fight Song

It’s Sunday, I’m ready for some football and I miss my OILERS

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  1. PDiddie says:

    “No, I did not forget where I’m from. The trips out East and West were merely brief forays to the edges of America. I’ve looked upon the abyss of Democratic mismanagement of large cities (Chicago/Detroit NY and LA) and I came running home to Texas. Where even the Democrats are fiscal conservatives.”


    *puke a second time*