All I have to say about the future of blogging

What Ezra said. I like what I’m doing just fine, I feel I’m making a difference with what I do here and at Texas Tuesdays, and if you look real close, you’ll see I’ve got no ads. Frankly, I don’t care what Reynolds, Billmon, or anyone thinks about “blogging”. Enjoy your mid-life crises, fellas. I’ll be over here looking for stuff to talk about.

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5 Responses to All I have to say about the future of blogging

  1. Ted Barlow says:

    I’ve said before and I’ll say again- Chuck, you’re one of the few bloggers who matter.

    Also, would anyone like to purchase my finest quality generic Viagra? Only three shillings a hogshead. Telegraph me day or night.

  2. Rob Humenik says:

    What Ted said.

    I would never know what is going on in my own town if it weren’t for you, Chuck. Your blog is the best local news resource going.

    Oh and Ted, have you any V1c0d1n?

  3. hope says:

    I guess I’m a dittohead on this one. Off The Kuff is one of the best blogs out there.

    And you don’t have the big head – which I think some of the so-called A-list bloggers have and it comes across in their writing. Annoying, even though their blogs are pretty good.

  4. Geez, y’all, more comments like these and I’m gonna get a big head. 🙂 Thanks much!

  5. Tx Bubba says:

    Hey, wait, maybe there’s still time to write about the co-opting of the usenet groups!

    Some folks, like kos on the left, have obviously done a bit of self-promoting and aspire to bigger things. More power to them. But that takes nothing away from the other bloggers, many of whom, including myself, are trying to satisfy a civic or activist urge. Humans are the political animal, Aristotle said. We’re just acting out our animal instincts. 🙂

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