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Interview with Commissioner Adrian Garcia

Adrian Garcia

I’m going to guess you’re probably familiar with Adrian Garcia, who is serving his first term as Harris County Commissioner in Precinct 2. He served three terms as Houston City Council member in District H, with his first election in 2003. He was then elected Sheriff, by a large margin, in 2008 and served until 2015 when he made an unsuccessful run for Mayor. After an unsuccessful primary challenge to US Rep. Gene Green in 2016, he returned to county politics by knocking off two-term Commissioner Jack Morman in 2018. He’s facing Morman again and he’s had himself a busy term on Commissioner’s Court. I could have talked to him for a lot longer than I did – there’s just so much to cover – but I did my best to hit the highlights. You can listen to it all here:


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As always, everything you could want to know about the Democratic candidates can be found at the Erik Manning spreadsheet.

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  1. David Fagan says:

    42 days and counting………….

  2. […] I’ve seen more ringing endorsements, but I’ll take it. The editorial board really has a burr in their saddle about the redistricting of Commissioners Court, for which they ding Garcia, and I just have no patience with the argument that Democrats need to be angels about that while Republicans are actively working to completely repeal the Voting Rights Act. When the Legislature, and Congressional Republicans, and especially the cabal on SCOTUS, make even a small step in the direction of actual fairness and equity and racial equality, then I’ll be willing to hear those complaints. Until then, please spare me. My interview with Commissioner Garcia is here. […]