The Book-Loving Texans’ Guide To The November 2023 Election

Make note of this.

Please check out and share the newest edition of the Book-Loving Texan’s Guides to Texas School Board Elections. You can use it to inform voters and to decide where to allocate your time and donations for these very important races.

There are not a ton of school board elections in Texas this November, but that doesn’t mean this is an off cycle. Three districts in particular will both set the table for 2024’s much more busy election season and shape the school systems where hundreds of thousands of Texas students learn: Cy-Fair ISD, Granbury ISD, and Houston ISD.

I’ll have previews, profiles, and updates from the guide in the coming weeks but, in keeping with Anger & Clarity tradition, for now I’ll give you a few highlights from the doc.

I highlighted the Guide for May, with an extra focus on Katy ISD, so go back and review those posts before you read the actual guide for November. The rest of the linked post includes highlights from three elections, one of which is in HISD where author Franklin Strong singles out District III challenger Fe Bencosme as bad news. Bencosme is opposing incumbent Dani Hernandez, whose interview you can listen to here. Point being, make sure everyone you know who lives in HISD District III knows to vote for Dani Hernandez. There’s a bunch of bad candidates in Cy-Fair ISD as well, one of which is mentioned in the blog post. Read the post, read the guide (which will be updated as we go), and spread the word.

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