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Take the HISD start time survey

As we know, HISD is contemplating uniform start times for its campuses for next year. They have said they want public feedback on their proposals. Here’s your chance to give it.

Implementing uniform schedules across the Houston Independent School District’s 279 campuses would free up $1.2 million while giving the average student an extra 19 minutes in the classroom, according to a budget-cutting option presented to the HISD Board of Education on Feb. 23.

HISD is looking for more ways to reduce spending as the district seeks to address a projected $34 million deficit for the 2012–2013 school year. The loss in revenue is a result of last year’s decision by the Texas Legislature to reduce public education funding by $5.3 billion.

In the coming weeks, HISD will be gathering community input on the streamlined bell schedule option, before making a formal proposal for the Board of Education’s consideration by May 17.

Read the full press release (.pdf) and participate in a short survey about the proposed bell schedule. The survey will be live until Friday, April 13 at midnight.

Proposed Instructional Times (.pdf)

Speak now or forever lose the right to complain about what gets decided.

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  1. mary t. says:

    Done! The survey asks if you are an employee, student, parent or community member, so anyone can participate. No matter which category you are in this decision will affect you, so take it before the April deadline.