Chron overview of the HD26 primary

I can’t do interviews in all of the primaries of interest, so I’m glad to see articles like this in the Chron, in which they sent out a brief Q&A to the two Democrats and one (incumbent) Republican running for HD26 in Fort Bend. The current HD26 was won by Joe Biden by about the same margin as it had been won by Beto O’Rourke, but after redistricting it is about an eleven point Trump district, though as with many of these districts it would have been considerably more Republican in 2012. Whether the recent trends continue, and if so by how much, is a big question for 2022.

Anyway. A couple of the Dems who had competed in the primary for HD26 in 2020 are now running in HD76 – Suleiman Lalani and Sarah DeMerchant, in particular. A third candidate from that bunch is Lawrence Allen, who is also the incumbent SBOE member in District 4; he will be stepping down from that position to run for HD26. Here’s the interview I did with him two years ago, if you’re interested. He’s a retired educator, whose mother is current State Rep. Alma Allen.

The other Dem in this race is Daniel Lee, who either doesn’t have a campaign presence online or who has one that I was not able to find via Google and Facebook. This Daniel Lee is an attorney, and I note that there was a Daniel Lee who ran in the Democratic primary for the 505th District Court in Fort Bend in 2020. I don’t know if this is the same person, but it’s a reasonable guess.

There’s not a whole lot in this Q&A, but it’s surely more than you knew going in. Incumbent Republican Jacey Jetton, who recently had to respond to some ugly anti-Asian racism spouted by another Republican candidate, did not respond to the Chron’s questions. Not that you need to know what he says for the primary, but there you have it.

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