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Burka on the politics of unemployment insurance

Burka takes a look at how Rick Perry’s rejection of the stimulus funds for unemployment insurance might play out in his eventual battle with Kay Bailey Hutchison for the GOP nomination for Governor. Be sure to also read this comment by “Conservative Texan”, which boils the economics of the issue down nicely. Perry’s stance has polled well so far, but I think that two billion dollar loan we’re going to have to take out to clean this mess up is going to render him vulnerable. That’s assuming that KBH can get her act together sufficiently to make something of it – figuring out whether or not she should resign would be a good sgtart – and/or the Democrats keeping the pressure on, of course. I have more faith in the latter than in the former, but hey, you never know.

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One Comment

  1. Baby Snooks says:

    More than likely Kay Bailey Hutchison will announce she is not retiring. For the good of Texans. Just in case. And then probably will drop out. Again. For the good of Texans. For the good of Kay Bailey Hutchison. Unless of course she can find some real support where it counts. With Democrats.

    She’s counting on Democrats to run to the polls in March and vote for her. So they can be rid of Rick Perry. It will be interesting to see if Democrats are really that stupid.