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We have a new illustration of “chutzpah”

From Sen. John Cornyn, who knows a thing or two about shamelessness.

Sen. John Cornyn pinned Democrats with the failure of a plan to extend jobless aid for millions of unemployed workers, only a day after Democrats fell a vote short of pushing through their version of the legislation.

“The blame for what happened has to lie at the feet of Sen. Harry Reid,” Cornyn said. “I don’t have any concerns about backlash.”

Just as a reminder, Cornyn and his cohort have consistently voting to prevent a vote from taking place. Had this been one of those “up or down” votes I used to hear about, it would have passed long ago. The latest measure had a 59-37 majority, which is more than 60% of the vote in favor, but by the Senate’s bizarre rules, that’s not enough. If Cornyn or any Republican other than Sens. Snowe and Collins, who finally budged on this last vote, gave a damn about the unemployed, they’d have quit filibustering these votes long ago. It’s not like there’s some compromise position that Cornyn and the rest of the GOP would be willing to vote for.

Putting it another way, the technical term for what Cornyn is doing is lying. Lying about who’s to blame for this ongoing debacle, lying about the Republicans’ motives, lying about pretty much everything. We should be clear about that.

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