Interview with Robin Fulford

Robin Fulford

This week I have interviews with two Congressional candidates. First up is a very familiar name to local Democrats, Robin Fulford. Fulford is an activist, organizer, and founding member of the Democratic Club of The Woodlands. Fulford comes from a working-class and union background and has been a highly visible presence in the red northern suburbs of Houston. She also has a deep personal understanding of what is at stake in the fight for reproductive rights. For her first candidacy, she has the challenge of taking on the money-raising machine known as Dan Crenshaw. We talked about that and many other things in the interview:


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As always, everything you could want to know about the Democratic candidates can be found at the Erik Manning spreadsheet.

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2 Responses to Interview with Robin Fulford

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    From Robin’s website:

    I support federal student debt forgiveness, as it is a calculated, strategic investment and serves as an economic stimulus. I understand that those of us who ave paid back our debts may feel slighted by this measure, but that cannot keep us from doing what is best collectively to move our people toward a more prosperous future….

    Paying for debt already incurred doesn’t invest in education. The education has already been disseminated, now we are just arguing about who pays the bill, just like we would argue about who should make the payments on our houses and cars. The purchase has already been made, the educational benefits already obtained. I purchased a car needed to carry me to work. Without the car I lose my job and become unproductive. Why not pay for people’s car loans instead? I can’t lose my education, but I can lose my car.

    I agree with part of her energy policy, specifically this:

    We need to increase American LNG exports to help replace the EU’s reliance on coal, and to replace their use of Russian LNG.

    That means more drilling, and when you drill, you get both oil and natural gas. I hope we can go ahead and produce that oil as well, vs. what? Pump it back down hole? And I wonder where that extra natural gas production is going to take place? Does Robin break with Biden and support drilling for natural gas on federal land, both on and offshore? Does that mean she supports bringing back the Trump policies of easier permitting, lease sales, etc., to restore our dominance in natural gas production? If so, Robin needs to square the circle and explain how we produce more natural gas, and does her goal include more supply in the US, too, and thus, lower energy prices here for Americans? Or is it just helping Europe that she supports?

    Dan Crenshaw, unaffectionately dubbed Eyepatch McCain, is despised by conservatives, not the least of which for being a World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab globalist stooge, and also for supporting red flag laws. Robin has an opportunity to capitalize on undervoting in her race, as people disgusted with Dan simply don’t vote in that race.

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