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There are two kinds

Today Tiffany came back from the Home Depot Expo Center with a bagful of drawer pulls and knobs for the kitchen. Apparently, the ones we have are gold colored, which is all wrong. The ones she bought and is now … Continue reading Continue reading

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Practical polygamy

Here’s a story about a man who lives in Waller (a mostly rural county to the west of Houston) with his two wives and seven kids. Interestingly, their status is well-known and fairly well tolerated by neighbors, not necessarily what … Continue reading Continue reading

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Hang tag scofflaws run free in Houston

Earlier I pointed to a Chron article about widespread abuse of disability parking hangtags, which showed that some 40% of cars that have them shouldn’t. Now it turns out that there’s almost zero enforcement of hangtag abuse laws here in … Continue reading Continue reading

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