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My name is Well Enough. Please leave me alone.

Yet another story about how yet another alternative to the good ol’ dollar bill – the gold Sacagawea coin – is a big flop. Counting the Susan B. Anthony coin and the two-dollar bill, that’s three failed attempts to convince … Continue reading Continue reading

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Lite guv race remains tight

The race for Lieutenant Governor, which is where the real power resides in Texas, remains a tight one. This article is a fairly standard overview of the race, with a bit more emphasis on Democrat John Sharp. What excited me … Continue reading Continue reading

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World reaction to Bush UN speech

From In the National Interest, some analysis of how Russia, China, and France reacted to President Bush’s recent speech before the UN. Some good quotes: It remains unclear to us, however, whether the Bush Administration will be prepared to accept … Continue reading Continue reading

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News flash: College students use the Internet

Hot off the presses! Lots of college students use the Internet on a daily basis! They use it for school-related stuff as well as for slacking off! It’s, like, useful in so many ways! Whoo. I’d better sit down. My … Continue reading Continue reading

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