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Baseball happenings

Talk Left points to this story which alleges that as many as seven Mets players have used pot regularly during the season. Though Mets management denies that the problem is that widespread, three players have admitted that the story is … Continue reading Continue reading

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The gleam of truth

If you haven’t already, take a moment to read this Andrew Northrup post on the nature of news reporting and objective truth. It’s well worth your time. Continue reading

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Will they use Robert’s Rules of Order?

Kyle Still and the Angry Clam point me to the case of Katie Sierra and her fight to establish an anarchists’ club at her high school. Reading the Court TV coverage, there’s some interesting questions about free speech and the … Continue reading Continue reading

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Judicial confirmation hearings: The saga continues

Some good stuff out there regarding the nomination of Michael McConnell to the Tenth Circuit bench by Matthew Yglesias, Sam Heldman, Jeff Cooper (here and here), and Nathan Newman. It is funny, in a pathetic sort of way, given what … Continue reading Continue reading

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