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Liar, (alleged) liar

The Chron intones solemnly about Police Chief C.O. Bradford’s indictment for lying during a disciplinary hearing. I have to say that the whole thing leaves me slack-jawed. How dumb do you have to be to lie about something on the … Continue reading Continue reading

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RIP, Billie Carr

Billie Carr, the dean of Texas liberals, has died from a stroke at the age of 74. I’ll have to keep an eye open for Molly Ivins’ eulogy, which will surely contain all of the best stories about The Boss. Continue reading

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Why Montgomery County sucks

The book-banning patrol is at it again in Montgomery County (north of Houston). Having discovered one book that they don’t like, they’ve gone searching for more: A crowd of about 200 people spilled into the hallways at Commissioners Court on … Continue reading Continue reading

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Dynamic duo

Wanna guess which pair of pitchers has the best record since the All-Star break? Not Mulder and Zito, not Johnson and Schilling, not Maddux and Glavine. Nope, it’s Roy Oswalt and Wade Miller. They’re both on nine-game winning streaks and … Continue reading Continue reading

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Sexism in the blogosphere

I thought I had some insightful things to say about sexism in the blogosphere (debate started by Dawn Olsen, with followup here and here, and amplified by Meryl Yourish, with followup here, here, and here), but I don’t think I … Continue reading Continue reading

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