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That freedom of religion thing

From today’s Chron: Texas student allowed to wear Christian crucifix DALLAS – A North Texas high school student whose family practices a Christian religion won the right Wednesday to wear her crucifix necklace in full view after appealing to the … Continue reading Continue reading

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Kuff 2, Press 0

Following up on his mocking of Chron reporter Rachel Graves for her “Crawford Weblog”, Richard Connelly of the Houston Press makes fun of Fran Blinebury (scroll down) for his ignorant selection of BYU to with the Western Athletic Conference. Help … Continue reading Continue reading

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We need to know

Via Josh Marshall comes this NYT article which talks about how little we know about the collapse of the Twin Towers. Of course the country had to understand what went wrong. One of the largest structures ever built had failed, … Continue reading Continue reading

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