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February 3rd, 2002:

Random Super Bowl observations

  • Tiffany and I were heading over to her sister’s place to watch the game on their amazing HDTV-ready widescreen TV when we passed a Ford Excursion with a baby stroller attached to its rear door on a bike rack. This made us wonder: Do these people really have so much stuff (or so many kids) in there that they need to carry the stroller on the outside?
  • The Rams defensive coordinator is named Lovie Smith. What the heck kind of name is “Lovie” for a football coach? Every time I hear it, I think of Mrs. Howell.
  • Was it just me or were the ads boring this year? The only ones that stand out to me are the Budweiser valentine-card ad, and the Docker’s little-black-dress ad. Other than that, snoozeville.
  • I admit it – we switched to NBC to watch Fear Factor with the Playboy Playmates. We laughed at it, but in the end we were hooked enough to turn back after the game. Poor Angel Boris. She was robbed.
  • Pretty damn good game, too. I was sure it was going to go into overtime. I still can’t believe the Rams’ defense let the Pats down the field like that at the end.
  • Top story on the local news after Fear Factor: Ken Lay is now refusing to testify before Congress. Oooohhh…