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February 25th, 2002:

There’s a cheap West University Place Police joke in there somewhere

Justin Slotman says that the IRoB is still ranked for the Google searches on “Jaime Sale nude”. Well, I was getting a lot of Google hits on “Elena Berezhnaya nude”, but alas, I seem to have dropped out of contention.

On the other hand, I’m still getting hits on “Robert Gordon University naked”, thanks to this post. It’s good to know that I have such a high quality readership.

Suburban smut smackdown!

Some time ago I wrote about the hapless Chief of Police in West University Place and his suspension for having surfed to smut sites on the Web. Seems the loss of pay is the least of his worries, as the West U Soccer Mom Mafia is calling for his resignation.

As Michael recently said about a New Zealand judge in the same predicament, one wonders if these suburban paragons of virtue are all huffy because the police chief was neglecting his duties (for a total of 20 minutes, as the original story makes clear), or because they think people who look at nekkid pictures are icky and should go back under whatever rock from which they first emerged. Would they still be out for his scalp if it had come to light that he had similar tastes at the video store as Clarence Thomas? How does this make him unqualified for his job? The West U Police Department doesn’t even have a vice squad.

The fact that this story was reported by a society columnist should tell you all you need to know. Good luck in your next job, chief.