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February 22nd, 2002:

Ask me a hard one next time

Craig at Page Fault Interrupt asks: If there really were such a thing as reincarnation, would you rather come back as a Saudi woman or as an American dog?

Dude. Anyone who could ask that question isn’t a dog owner. There are plenty of days when I’d happily trade places with my dog. It’s no contest.

Many naugas died to bring you that chair

Earlier this week Tiffany attended the ninth annual Houston Heritage Society Attic Sale. It’s basically a big garage sale thrown by Ladies Who Lunch as a fundraiser for the Heritage Museum. While at said sale, Tiffany found and bought an easy chair/ottoman set. Not just any easy chair/ottoman set, mind you, but a lime green naugahyde easy chair/ottoman set.

One of the differences between Tiffany and me is that despite three-plus years of marriage, I’m still comfortably in touch with my Inner Bachelor. If I found a lime green naugahyde easy chair/ottoman set at a garage sale for a good price, I’d happily put them in my house. I’m pretty much impervious to irony and rolled eyeballs from my mother in matters like that. Hey, it’s a comfy chair, I got it at a good price, and it fits in my living room. And it came with an ottoman – bonus!

Tiffany, of course, being a person of Style and Taste, plans on recovering them with fabric that will go with the overall motif of whatever room we wind up putting them in. This will, we hope, be after we move into the new house as there’s no place for them in the current house. I’m not sure what she plans on doing with them in the meantime, but I’m sure she has something in mind.

As far as the new house goes, we’ve settled on a price and will go forward with signing another large wad of legal documents. The inspection is next, which may yield an additional bargaining chip or two. Stay tuned.