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February 18th, 2002:

Evil twin located

This is really scary. A coworker just pointed me to the Houston Curling Club homepage. If you go to their Snapshots page and click on the photo on the top right, the guy crouching on the lower left is a dead ringer for me. Even worse, he’s wearing a T-shirt, shorts and white tube socks, which means he even dresses like me. Thankfully, the picture in the lower right makes it clear that he’s not actually me – his hair is too dark, and he’s not wearing glasses. Whew!

Guess this is my punishment for mocking Fritz Schranck. Lesson learned: Never annoy a web-enabled district attorney.

Do I get Green Stamps with that?

Received an email today with the subject “Save over 300% on Medication”. Nice to know that Andy Fastow has found something to do in his spare time.

That Takes Guts Dept.

I work for a large multinational corporation, the kind of place that the anti-globo folks hate. It’s actually a rather progressive place to work, and has a fairly strong record of emphasizing diversity.

Today we had a diversity activity in honor of Black History Month. The activity, sponsored by a black employees’ networking group, was karaoke singing in the cafeteria. I just heard a report that one of my male coworkers dressed up as Gladys Knight to sing “Midnight Train to Georgia”. He had four other coworkers singing backup for him – after all, what’s the point of being Gladys Knight if you don’t have any Pips? I am truly sorry that I missed this, but I’m consoling myself on rumors that photos were taken.

Any more questions about why celebrating Black History Month is a good thing?

More on the annoying pop star/bad movie connection

Duncan Fitzgerald adds a nice coda to my post about how Britney’s movie may be a bad career move. The relationship between movies, music, and (of course) marketing is a complex one. I suppose we should just be grateful if Britney doesn’t make any movies that feature her parachuting onto a beach.

Reading Duncan’s post reminded me that we both overlooked one of the seminal movie/music/marketing crossovers, Can’t Stop the Music, which not only helped kill the Village People, it also strangled Bruce Jenner’s movie career in its crib. Hell, this movie may well have been the death knell for disco itself. Truly, we owe director Nancy Walker and her cast and crew a debt which can never be fully repaid.