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February 17th, 2002:

Gonna be a busy week…

We have tickets for two shows at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo this week. Monday is Lyle Lovett, and Wednesday is Bob Dylan. (What, you thought it’s only country/western music at the HLSR?) Friday I’m meeting some friends at a local pub to see the Asylum Street Spankers, who are briefly touring with original Spanker and badass bluesman Guy Forsyth. Saturday we’ve been invited to a champagne-tasting party. Oh, and Tuesday’s my 36th birthday.

So this means I may be light on the postings this week. Things should be back to normal by week’s end.

Racial tensions at Texas A&M

The Sunday Chron has a longish feature about racial tensions at Texas A&M University. A&M is a unique school. Its students and alumni are zealous about its history and traditions. Sometimes, that zeal and those traditions lead to conflicts with students who don’t feel included by them.

Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

From BBC Sport’s Funny Old Game:

The question of what exactly Scottish men keep under their kilts has long been a source of titillation and mirth for folk south of the border.

Now a team of hardened celtic rowers have left nothing to the imagination – by practising in the nude.

The Robert Gordon University rowing team has never beaten Aberdeen University in the seven-year history of their annual race.

So this year, ahead of the race on 2 March, the Robert Gordon team have decided to toughen themselves up by rowing naked on the River Dee.

A spokesman for the team told the Daily Record: “The Aberdeen University team have been wearing the trousers in this race for far too long and we are absolutely determined to put an end to their winning streak.

“We thought we’d go back to nature and find out exactly what natural assets we have for rowing.

“However, I’m not sure this will be a regular fixture on our training schedule for this time of year. We have been very cold.”

One word: Shrinkage.