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February 8th, 2002:


Finally added a hit counter to the page. Dunno if it’ll be enlightening or depressing, but I finally got jealous of all the other sites that had ’em and did something about it. Thanks to Erica for the info.

Also, you may have noticed that I’m now ad-free. Credit for that goes to Mikey, which he called a belated Christmas present. Thanks, Mike!

Yet another silly web-based personality quiz

Which John Cusack Are You?

Thanks to Jack for the link.

Crime and punishment redux

My dad has his say about mandatory sentencing and judicial discretion. He did 14 years on the bench in New York, so he’s got some perspective on the issue.

Speaking of such things, the California Supreme Court just dealt a blow to the state’s three-strikes law. They didn’t overturn it, but declared that giving a life sentence for petty theft is “cruel and unusal”.

Yet another reason to love Houston

Baseball season has officially begun, with Rice’s wild 10-9 win over Baylor last night in the second annual Astros Collegiate Classic at the Venue Soon To Be Formerly Known As Enron Field. I’ll be there tonight to watch the Owls take on the Aggies. Baseball in February – do you need another reason to want to live here?

First Houston blog get-together

The Houston blog community had its first get together last night. Sadly, I was unable to attend this time, but it sounds like there will be other opportunities in the future. Thanks to Hanna for playing photojournalist. I think this is a slightly more respectable-looking group than the Los Angeles bloggers, but then again, I’m not in the picture so that’s gonna throw things off. We have better margaritas, that’s fer sure.