Daily Archives: October 4, 2003

Busy weekend

So I met a number of Houston’s finest lefty bloggers at Two Rows brewpub last night, during which time we talked about music, hoisted a few beers, and finalized our plans to take over the world. In attendance were Continue reading

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This is the strangest story I’ve seen all year

As if redistricting weren’t enough to fry my brain, there’s this strange story of an attempt to run a fake mayoral candidate with the same name as a real one in order to confuse voters. It is a bizarre tale … Continue reading Continue reading

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I’m all confused

Well, after reading the usual five sources for redistricting news, I officially have no idea if a deal is imminent, on the horizon, or nowhere in sight. There’s compromises, cut-n-paste jobs, still no agreement on West Texas, and a renewed … Continue reading Continue reading

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