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Turner overview

Today the Chron has the second of its overviews of the three major Mayoral candidates with a profile of Sylvester Turner. It’s more straightforward than last week’s Sanchez piece, most likely because there were no swooning women to quote about … Continue reading Continue reading

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Happy birthday, King Ranch

The legendary King Ranch is holding its first cattle and horse sale since 1988 to help celebrate its sesquicentennial. A unique bull fetched $45,000, and a 15-year-old mare that had never been bred sold for $41,000, bringing the auction’s grand … Continue reading Continue reading

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Still no map

There’s still no deal on a new Congressional map as the joint committee keeps lobbing maps back and forth with no progress being made. Despite working around the clock the past couple of days, House and Senate Republicans late Saturday … Continue reading Continue reading

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More comment spam banning

More comment spams, from a different jerk. The IPs to ban are: I’m going to keep track of these in the original post for eacy reference. Look for a link on the sidebar. Continue reading

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