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Another one bites the dust

Yet another Enron exec has copped a plea. Former Enron executive David Delainey, a close business associate of former CEO Jeff Skilling, pleaded guilty today to one count of insider trading and agreed to cooperate in the government’s Enron investigations. … Continue reading Continue reading

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Hogwarts Headaches

I can see a future Surgeon General’s warning: Reading too much Harry Potter may be hazardous to your health. A Washington doctor warned that he has seen three children complain of headaches caused by the physical stress of relentlessly plowing … Continue reading Continue reading

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And still nastier

In the final televised debate before the election (and may I say that with all the debates and candidate fora we’ve had, no one can legitimately claim to be unfamiliar with the three hopefuls), Bill White and Orlando Sanchez stepped … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Pearl brewery

Here’s a great story about the Pearl Brewery in San Antonio, which was purchased last July (not longer after I’d noted that it was having difficulty finding a buyer) by a San Antonio-baed company that appears to be committed to … Continue reading

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