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What he said

This NRO piece by Jennifer Graham is stupid, condescending, and racist. Jesse has a great and appropriate response. Check it out. Continue reading

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Rail, rail, rail, rail…

Some positive news and an head-slap moment for rail this week. First, a Page One story about commuter rail from Fort Bend County. While the battle over the referendum for Metro’s 22-mile Houston rail expansion heats up, leaders in Fort … Continue reading Continue reading

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Voting trends in Texas

Bruce Davidson cites a report by former political director of the Texas Republican Party and current analyst for the Quorum Report Royal Masset on current demographic trends and its likely effect on Texas’ voting patterns. “Republicans will start losing judicial … Continue reading Continue reading

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Ripple effects

Mark Evanier mentions an aspect of the Roy Horn tiger-mauling story that I hadn’t considered. Beyond the obvious tragedy here, it’s sad to think about how many lives this accident has impacted. Most of the 150-180 people who worked on … Continue reading Continue reading

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I cried hot tubs of tears over you

Life sure is tough at the University of Houston these days. In the abstract, Kathy Anzivino believes there must be some pinnacle of amenities that universities simply cannot surpass, some outer limit so far beyond the hot tubs, waterfalls and … Continue reading Continue reading

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Guess what? Still no map!

And so the Sunday drop-dead deadline has whooshed past with map in sight and the Lege adjourned until Wednesday. What a glorious mess this is. Hardly any ink was expended on the reason for the Republicans’ failure, since the reason … Continue reading Continue reading

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Diebold timeline

The crew at The Agonist have put together a timeline of events in the ongoing Diebold electronic voting machine scandal. Check it out, and check out their initial report on why there’s such a fuss to begin with. It’s a … Continue reading Continue reading

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