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Texans for True Mobility and anonymity

This is hard for me to comprehend. [Ed Wulfe, the Houston developer who heads Citizens for Public Transportation, the pro-rail political action committee] said Texans for True Mobility’s refusal to reveal its backers demonstrated the organization’s “contempt for voters.” Wulfe … Continue reading Continue reading

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Houston’s electronic voting machines

Harris County has had electronic voting machines for some time now. Not the crappy Diebold machines, but that doesn’t mean that people haven’t been voicing concerns about them since before their adoption. Recent events have not done anything to change … Continue reading Continue reading

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Those pesky EPA rules

I found out about this through editorials: The Double Secret Energy Bill, which the Republicans in Congress are working on and the rest of us proles will only learn about 48 hours before it’s up for a vote, contains a … Continue reading Continue reading

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