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On being a top blogger

Halley Suitt has brought up an issue that’s come up in the past: is there gender bias in the blog world? Says she: This week as we looked into the Perseus Study, which David Weinberger linked to in his excellent … Continue reading Continue reading

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Help wanted

This is somewhat unusual, but I’m willing to try this out once and see what happens. I received the following email from a reader: Do you know who (attorneys) are all involved beyond the ones you listed in your June … Continue reading Continue reading

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It’s good to be rich

It’s been said that Bambi was the best piece of anti-hunting propaganda ever produced. From this description of two new reality-based TV shows, there are some new contenders for the title of best anti-wealth propaganda out there. Television’s embarrassment of … Continue reading Continue reading

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Bringing the suburbs into town

An interesting article from Sunday about the battles, philosophical and otherwise, between residents in Midtown, which is just south of downtown Houston, and developers. Midtown is one of the few places now where you can see real mixed-use development. With … Continue reading Continue reading

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Mayoral race gets ugly down the home stretch

Well, we’ve seen the Sanchez and White camps go negative lately, and now there’s a flyer being circulated by some fringe elements which accuses Bill White and several City Council candidates of conspiring to “eliminate black leadership”. After a decorous … Continue reading Continue reading

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