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So are you gonna talk about redistricting again or what?

I have to say, after obsessing over the whole redistricting thing for waaaaay too long, it was good to head off to a foreign country where I had no Internet connection and only the International Herald Tribune for any news. … Continue reading Continue reading

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Bacardi update

Seems Tom DeLay is catching a little flak for his attempts to shoehorn an amendment favorable to Bacardi into an unrelated bill. Watchdog groups and some business interests have already objected to the Texas Republican’s efforts. Last week, four House … Continue reading Continue reading

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Endorsement in District H

I just got some feedback regarding my dilemma about who to vote for in the District H City Council race. The following is from an email from Diane Mosier, President of the Greater Heights Democratic Club, which has made an … Continue reading Continue reading

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Enron rap

You know, I was just thinking that what the world really needs right now is a rap CD about the fall of Enron. The words “Enron” and “rap” don’t normally go together unless someone’s talking about “taking the rap for … Continue reading Continue reading

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How ’bout those insurance rates?

Hey, remember when Governor Perry took credit for a reduction in homeowner’s insurance rates? Yeah, right. Gov. Rick Perry last week listed among his accomplishments saving taxpayers more than half a billion dollars in lower home insurance costs. But rate … Continue reading Continue reading

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