Interview with Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson

The next three weeks will focus on the three highest-priority legislative races in the Houston area. The road to a Democratic State House, and all the good things that go along with it, go through HDs 134, 138, and 26. HD134, as you know, has been a bit of a white whale since it was flipped by Sarah Davis in the 2010 massacre. Just purple enough to be enticing, but stubbornly resistant to any Democratic efforts or the overall blue shift in Harris County. Until 2018, that is, when Beto took over 60% and Democratic judicial candidates were all carrying it. Three candidates have lined up to take what sure looks like the best shot yet to bring this district, which was represented by Ellen Cohen from 2007 till 2011, back into the fold. You know the first candidate well: Ann Johnson, who made a strong effort to unseat Davis after her freshman term. Ann is a former chief human trafficking prosecutor and the reason why the law now recognizes underage prostitutes as victims and not criminals. Ann is a cancer survivor and private practice lawyer. I interviewed her in 2012, and I interviewed her again for this race:


Elisa Cardnell – CD02
Travis Olsen – CD02

Michelle Palmer – SBOE6
Kimberly McLeod – SBOE6
Debra Kerner – SBOE6

Chrysta CastaƱeda – RRC

Vince Ryan – Harris County Attorney
Ben Rose – Harris County Attorney
Christian Menefee – Harris County Attorney

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2 Responses to Interview with Ann Johnson

  1. Joshua ben bullard says:

    Ive continued to say that the 134th will flip Democrat in 2020 for 1 reason in detail and what kuffner doesnt point out or he is over loooking it . Sarah Davis Never won a general election because a big football team of Republicans came out to vote for her – NO . Sarah Davis won because of Democrat support – without her gaining that 8% to 12% Democrat support she would have never been elected . im still not convinced the 134th is a true Republican district , i lean towards it being a Democrat district . Now then , it will flip this time because the usual 8% to 12% Democrat votes that Sarah davis has relied on are going to abandon her on E day . Why you ask? I’ll tell you why – its called” flip fever” ,There is going to be so many campaigns pushing a flip and the media is going to push a flip that the 12% Democrat vote that in the past has gone with Davis will in turn vote Democrat .This isnt Sarah’s contest to lose i just dont think its possible for her to win . i say the 134th flips Democrat in November, bet a million dollars on it and win a million. Joshua

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