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Friday random ten: Under cover

We’re getting close to the end of the alphabet, and along with it we’re getting into some letters that don’t work well with this format I’ve been using. I had to fudge a bit to come up with ten songs … Continue reading

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Meet The Statewides and The Other 49%

The TDP is running a ten-week campaign between now and June 14 to promote the statewide slate. It includes a bio with 60-second video for each candidate, a discussion of the candidate’s race and the issues in it, and an … Continue reading

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Renaming UH-Downtown, take 2

As we know, UH-Downtown has been trying to rename itself for over a year and a half now. Its first attempt at picking a new moniker, which would have been Houston Metropolitan University, didn’t go well as nobody really liked … Continue reading

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Some of my best friends are white people

I’ve been trying to figure out this new group for Caucasian Sheriff’s deputies. I’ve had the good fortune to have worked for an organization that takes diversity and inclusiveness seriously. They had a number of employee-created networking groups that were … Continue reading

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Who will administer Texas’ health insurance exchange?

As we know, one of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act is the creation of health insurance exchanges for those who are currently uninsured and need assistance in getting it. The states are supposed to operate these exchanges, and … Continue reading

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