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Saturday video break: The pale blue dot

In honor of Earth Day, a few minutes with the late, great Carl Sagan. You can read the text of his narration here. Sadly, he never does say “Billions and billions”. Rest in peace, Carl Sagan.

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Forensic Science Commission finally gets back to Willingham case

It’s a start, but it’s not much more than that. Meeting for the first time since January, the nine-member Texas Forensic Science Commission voted to obtain and review the complete transcript of the capital murder trial of Cameron Todd Willingham, … Continue reading

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NCAA tournament expands

To 68 teams, which is a lot less than 96. The three-team expansion is much more modest than 80- and 96-team proposals the NCAA outlined just a few weeks ago at the Final Four. The move coincides with the new, … Continue reading

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The Valero effect

This is just what all of our cash-strapped local budgets need right now. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is not typically a big player in school finance debates. But an upcoming decision by the commission could strike a major … Continue reading

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Meet Steve Brown

Meet Steve Brown, the new Chair of the Fort Bend Democratic Party. Steve Brown, a 35-year-old with a résumé of political experience, has big plans for the moribund Democratic Party in Fort Bend, and his confidence in the party’s ability … Continue reading

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