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A gloomy Survey

The 2010 Houston Area Survey is out, and not surprisingly the results are pretty gloomy. Harris County residents this year offered the bleakest assessment of their personal finances, past and future, in the 29-year history of the Houston Area Survey. … Continue reading

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Council adopts higher water rate hike

City Council voted to adopt the higher water rate hike that was proposed this week. And apparently set the stage for a lawsuit. Council members Mike Sullivan, Oliver Pennington and C.O. Bradford voted against the plan. Pennington, Bradford and several … Continue reading

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Wrapup from “Houston Have Your Say: Education Crisis”

I thought last night’s broadcast of Houston Have Your Say: Education Crisis went very well. You can see rebroadcasts of the show on Thursday, April 22, at 1:00 am; Friday, April 23, at 8:00 pm; and Sunday, April 25, at … Continue reading

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Council may consider higher water rate hikes

As we know, a water rate hike of about 12 percent was proposed by Mayor Parker earlier this month. That ran into some resistance from apartment dwellers, since the hike would be higher for multi-family residences than it would be … Continue reading

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SCOTUS officially endorses hot judge on prosecutor action

I wish I could say I was surprised by this, but I’m not. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal Monday from Charles Dean Hood, a Texas death row inmate who complained that he was denied a fair trial because … Continue reading

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Where there’s a sacred cow, there’s a lobbyist protecting it

The Star-Telegram reminds us that while legislators may be hunting for sacred cows to help fill the budget gap, actually bagging them will be hard to do. The renewed look at tax breaks has generated a widespread case of jitters … Continue reading

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Texas blog roundup for the week of April 19

Time for another roundup of the week’s blog highlights from the Texas Progressive Alliance. Click on for more.

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