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Weekend link dump for April 25

The day Einstein died. No, the year 1880 wasn’t a libertarian paradise in America. The BYU women’s rugby team had a tough decision to make. The scientific case for butt-slapping. Photographing the Iceland volcano, whose name I can neither spell … Continue reading

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The anti-red light camera referendum drive begins

As we know, the anti-red light camera forces intend to collect enough petition signatures to put a charter referendum on the ballot this November. On Friday, they got started. Because red-light camera citations remain outside the realm of tickets that … Continue reading

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Ray Brookins convicted

Ray Brookins, the former administrator of the Texas Youth Commission facility in Pyote who was indicted on charges of sexually assaulting teenagers at that facility in 2007 was convicted Thursday in Odessa. The one-word verdict came after a four-day trial … Continue reading

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Amnesty for the Driver Responsibility surcharges

Scott Henson has a nice op-ed in the DMN about implementing a real amnesty program for those who cannot afford to pay Driver Responsibility surcharges and can’t get their licenses back until they do. In 2007, the Legislature gave the … Continue reading

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“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

From the twisted mind that brought us Pride and Prejudice and Zombies comes a new work that sounds just as excellent. Here’s the nickel description, from the Murder by the Book email newsletter: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (by Seth Grahame-Smith; … Continue reading

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