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MLBPA opposes Arizona immigration law

Good for them. New York, NY, Friday, April 30, 2010 … The following statement was issued today by Major League Baseball Players Association Executive Director Michael Weiner regarding the immigration law recently passed by the state of Arizona. “The recent … Continue reading

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Friday random ten: Brought to you by the letter V

I have exactly 38 songs that begin with the letter V. No more than four of them start with the same word (“voice” or “voices”), so I’m just going to pick ten V songs that appeal to me and call … Continue reading

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You want more information about term limits?

Of course you do. And I’ve got you covered. Via email from Robert Stein, I give you the following: – A research paper from 2002, co-authored by Dr. Stein, called “Public Support for Term Limits: Another Look at Conventional Thinking”. … Continue reading

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The historians have their say

The various legislative groups held their SBOE hearings on Wednesday. In pointing out the many ways in which that unesteemed body screwed the pooch on social studies, they joined with others in calling for a delay in adopting the new … Continue reading

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I shot a coyote in Austin just to watch it die

I believe that very little happens in politics by accident, so I feel certain there’s a reason that Rick Perry picked this week to tell us all about that coyote he killed in February. Something like this: WildEarth Guardians, a … Continue reading

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DART may take a big step back

Dallas Area Rapid Transit, which has built out a much more extensive rail network than Metro and which has plans for a lot more, may instead scrap most of those plans due to serious financial issues. Final decisions are months … Continue reading

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Farmers Branch prepares to waste more money

It sure must be nice to have all these taxpayer dollars to spend on such frivolities. [Farmers Branch] plans to appeal a court ruling against its ordinance, which would prevent landlords from renting houses or apartments to illegal immigrants — … Continue reading

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